Whatcha Readin’ ???

Happy Monday Everyone! My week has started off very happy. This past weekend, I went back to Orlando and stayed at home with my younger brother because my parents were on an anniversary getaway. I loved seeing him and just hanging out. We went to Disney on Saturday which has become a tradition every year while our parents are gone. Although yesterday I was a bit sad because my dear family friend began her journey at Tokyo Disneyland for the next year. I will not be able to see her but I am so happy she has been blessed with this opportunity! Hopefully FaceTime will close the space between us. This week I have a few tests in my classes and will be working at my part time job tonight, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. On Sunday my boyfriend and I will be going to Orlando to attend my family’s Super Bowl Party! Fingers crossed we can finish all of our homework before kickoff.

This week I am reading A Wrinkle In Time by Madeleine L’Engle. I actually received this book as a Christmas gift from my aunt when I was in sixth grade. It is her favorite book and I began reading it that year but never finished it since I had the attention span of a butterfly and did not much enjoy reading. I have decided to give its 232 pages another try. Currently, in chapter two I am remembering some of the details that I read the first time. My empathy for the main character Meg Murry in chapter one felt like a warm blanket. I remembered feeling sorry for her as a sixth grader dealing with bullies as Meg deals with her teachers saying she is a “poor student” and other girls in her grade calling her a “baby”. Meg’s best friend Calvin O’Keefe, reminded me of my best friend in sixth grade, whose last name ironically was O’Keefe. Calvin always makes Meg feel safer and comforted, as did mine.I am excited to continue this book and actually finish it this time, as I remember not fully understanding the plot as a 12 year old. Perhaps, what I’ve learned in the past seven years of my life will help.
(word count: 373)


One thought on “Whatcha Readin’ ???

  1. cbhenc1102blog says:

    Hey! I relate to having a ton of homework due the Monday after the Super Bowl. It should be illegal. Anyway, I hope Disney was a lot of fun! Also, the book sounds really interesting and the coincidence that your friend’s last name was the same is cool.

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